Contract to Move Manufactured Home

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Texas installer license: MHDINS00004634

Silver Reef Transport (SRT) agrees to transport, set up, and perform any additional work as agreed for . SRT will not be held liable for any interior damage or any exterior damage as a result of the move due to defects in the house or the unworthiness of road travel and movement. Roof leakage, broken windows, or siding falling off will not be repaired or replaced by SRT. SRT will ensure there is no leakage from the roof, floors, and ends of a double-wide once the house is set. The rest of the roof or house is not warrantied. There are no warranties for a single wide. Should any part of the home fall off the house during movement, especially if it should come apart from rotten or deteriorated materials, the home owner will be responsible for any clean up required on the highway or lot area. SRT will be accountable for damage due to improper movement by our drivers or ground crew. Settling of a manufactured home is expected to some degree and re-leveling may be required at some time in the future. At the time of installation, the house is guaranteed to be level. Re-leveling will be performed for a nominal fee. Owner is responsible for any personal items in the house that are not removed or secured for movement. SRT will inspect the home prior to movement to ensure no interior damage will occur.

Be aware that this contract does not include interior trim out after delivery unless specifically agreed upon. End caps and corner pieces may require replacement by the owner due to deteriorated materials falling apart during disassembly. Extra support boards will be installed to assist in preventing the walls of the house from collapsing.

Due to the weight of the houses that mobile home tires have to support, as much interior as possible must be removed — especially on the rear end of the home. SRT will not be responsible for frames bending due to a heavy load or fatigue of the frame once it is moved. Ceiling fans need to have cardboard rings placed around them to prevent movement and damage. An additional charge of $75.00 for tires, rims, and labor per tire will be charged for tires having to be replaced by our personnel during the move.

The homeowner is responsible for site clean-up when the house is moved from the lot. All set-up material to be reused on resetting the house by the set up crew will be taken by the crew. Skirting, decks, and trash left on the lot are to be removed by the owner. This can be contracted to Silver Reef Transport.

Homeowners must ensure any applicable permits to install at the delivery site are obtained with the local city permit office for manufactured homes. A statement of location (SOL) will need to be filed with TDHCA. SRT will provide moving permits and send in the Form T inspection application to TDHCA.

Vapor barrier (6 Mil plastic) is now required by the state. Should the homeowner not want it, they may choose not to have it. However, the house may not pass inspection by TDHCA.

Tape and texture homes may crack during movement. SRT will not be held liable for this. During reassembly of the house all tape and texture will be left as is unless contracted to do repairs at an additional cost.

If carpet, vinyl siding or flooring has to be cut during disassembly, this will be an additional cost to replace. Any materials breaking or blowing off (shingles or roofing material) are not the responsibility of SRT.

SRT guarantees all workmanship to be performed correctly according to state guidelines for a period of 2 years. This does not include damages due to settling of the home or releveling due to settling after the home is completed.

Work to be started by this date

Work to be completed by this date

Fees for move as follows:

Tear down, transport, and install

Transport and drop off only

Rolling to move house ($150.00 per side)

Vapor Barrier (150 per side)

Planking on damp soil (175 per side)

Remove H20, Sewer drains, Electrical (Cut lines only) $150

Site Cleanup ($200)

Interior Reassembly after movement( As agreed upon)

Use of Trans-lift to transport or install house ($350.00)



Thank you for trusting SRT with the move of your home. Every effort will be made to complete the task on time. Weather could be a major factor and we will complete on time as long as the weather permits and current customers are completed. Scheduling of your home will be done at the time your deposit is placed with us.

One half of all fees () to be paid before the work is started. Remainder is to be paid upon delivery before setting the home. Hook and drop deliveries will be paid in advance. Make all checks to Silver Reef Transport. Credit cards may be used with additional 3.55% charge.

Once a deposit is collected and SRT places the customer on the schedule, there will be a $250 dollar cancellation fee in the event that SRT has not pulled permits or started any work. If SRT has pulled permits then there will be a $500 dollar cancellation fee. In the event SRT is not able to finish the work we have started, the customer will be charged for the work that has been completed. Any refunds will be refunded in the same manner they were received and will be refunded within 7 business days.

Customer Responsibilities:

Deadline for customer to complete these items

*In the event you do not take care of your responsibilities by the deadline, SRT reserves the right to reschedule your transport date until the items are complete. If the customer does not take care of the items listed above, the customer can choose to hire SRT to do the work for an additional cost. The cost for these items will or can be.

Customer Signature


Disconnection and hookups for utilities, AC, Heater, Water, Sewer ,Satellite dishes or any obstructions attached to the house are the sole responsibility of the homeowner to have these items disconnected or detached from the home. SRT is not licensed to hook up or disconnect these items. SRT makes no claims and does not provide these services. If the homeowner fails to have these items disconnected by the deadline, the installation date will be rescheduled. SRT does not transport porches or Stone rock unless agreed upon.

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Any items left in the home by the homeowner must be secured and locked down. All appliances, doors, and furniture must be tied down. SRT is not responsible for any damages that may incur during transport due to the customer not securing their items.

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