SilverReef Transport is now hiring for the following positions.

CDL Driver
  • Must have minimum 2 years’ experience
  • 21 years or older
  • No major accidents on driving record
  • No tickets within the last 12 months
Manufacture Home Pad Builder
  • Must be able to operate a backhoe and install level pad of concrete
  • Runners in concrete
  • Road Base
  • Pad must have slight crown in middle
Trim out personnel
  • Must be proficient in wood trim, texture, tape & painting
  • Must be hardworking & reliable
Skirting crew
  • Must be able to install manufactured home skirting that include; metal, vinyl, hardboard, plastic, brick and block.
Installation Crew
  • No prior experience needed – onsite training available
  • Must be hard working & reliable
  • Must be in good health
  • Must be able to lift at least 80 pound materials
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